Will Joe Biden's Press Corps Reelect Trump?
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So as the nation heads into the Fourth of July holiday, former Vice President Joe Biden emerges from his basement and holds a press conference.

And the media? In stark contrast to the hardball they play with both the President and his White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany it was softball city.

A serious hat tip here to Fox’s Sean Hannity, who put together a hilarious montage of the pro-Biden “press” at work.

Fox’s Doug McKelway politely asks Biden a seriously serious question about the constant stories of Biden experiencing “cognitive decline” – aka dementia – to which Biden answers that he is being “constantly tested” for cognitive decline.

Say what? Now there’s a bombshell revelation. The Democratic nominee for President of the United States needs regular tests for “cognitive decline”? (!!!!) And the follow-up from the rest of the press corps? As Rush Limbaugh might say, “zero, nada, zilch.” As Hannity pointed out, questions about the growing politicization of mask wearing or the Black Lives Matters protests that have erupted into mass violence in American cities? None. The murder rate in Chicago, with the victims all black? President Obama is from Chicago, and he and Biden ran the country for eight years. Any question about why they didn’t do anything to halt the murder epidemic in Obama’s hometown? Nope.

And speaking of violence? All hell has broken loose in Seattle’s infamous “CHOP” zone, which, the day after Biden’s presser, has finally been shut down. But no questions about that either for Sleepy Joe. And what’s the big issue out there with Biden supporter Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her like minded progressive comrades? That, of course, would be defunding the police. Hard questions for Biden on defunding police? Would he voluntarily give up his own Secret Service protection? Should the Capitol Hill police who […]

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