Trump Mocks Cellar-Dweller Joe Biden Before Nevada Rally
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Upon President Donald Trump’s arrival in Reno, Nevada, for a campaign rally in Minden, President Trump stepped off Air-Force One and after going over his planned weekend itinerary with reporters, the president started mocking Basement Dwelling Joe Biden for “sleeping or whatever he’s doing in his basement”.

Despite Joe Biden claiming he’s campaigning harder than Donald Trump, the fact is President Trump has planned three campaign stops over the weekend and then a tour of wildfire damage on the West Coast next week, while poor old Joe Biden’s campaign tweeted they were calling it a day at 9 am on Friday.

President Trump Rips Media For Not Reporting The Facts About Basement Dwelling Joe Biden

Later President Trump tweeted: ‘While I travel the Country, Joe sleeps in his basement, telling the Fake News Media to “get lost, If you’re a reporter covering Sleepy Joe, you have basically gone into retirement!’

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