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It’s as if the left knew what they were doing Sunday and Monday switching tunes to now opposing the Senate’s massive, $2 trillion Coronavirus Stimulus package to help American workers and the economy.

Why? Because as Monday’s broadcast network newscasts showed, the liberal media will provide any and all cover, refusing to assign blame to liberals and progressives pulling the carpet out at the last minute.

ABC, CBS, and NBC framed the stimulus package’s failure as merely a “bitter fight” and “political battle” having caused “angry debate” and “frustration.” At times, some of their rhetoric suggested that one side was to blame, but none took the explicit plunge.

Naturally, there was not a peep from anchors or reporters about the new wish list (released by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi), such as demands from airlines on emissions“diversity” in corporate boardsnewspaper subsides, and same-day voter registration. The only nod was to airline emissions in a soundbite from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) used on NBC Nightly News.

Media Looks The Other Way As Coronavirus Stimulus Fails To Pass

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