WATCH: Black Man Videos Himself Mocking The Two LACS Deputies After Being Ambushed, Shot in the Head
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This video should make the NFL proud after clearly becoming the Black Lives Matter goto PR propagandists.

As TuskerDaily reported, on Saturday night either a BLM mental midget or child ambushed and shot two Sheriff’s deputies including a 31-year-old mother of a six-year-old in the head.

When the deputies were brought to St. Francis Hospital in Los Angeles by ambulance Black Lives Matter activists swarmed the hospital and blocked the entry and started chanting, “We hope the b*tch dies!

After the shooting of the two officers one bystander who witnessed the ambush, instead of running to help the distressed cops, posted a video of himself laughing and mocking the shot cops.

Thank God, these two L.A. County Sheriff’s Department deputies are now in stable condition


BLM Supporter Mocks LACS Deputies

Of course, unlike the Police, Black Lives matter apologists will declare “You can’t judge us based on the idiocy of one bad apple”

Then there are these videos from Black Lives Matter thugs who recorded themselves going to the hospital where the two ambushed LASD deputies were being treated and shouting “we hope that bitch dies“, “oink, oink” and “y’all gonna die one by one.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are right about one thing, but for all the wrong reasons…

‘The 2020 Election Will Either Save America or Bury Her’

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