Virginia Senator Tim Kaine Must Be Removed From Office
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Watching the ever-increasing unhinged BLM / Antifa mob running rampant through the streets of America. And Virginia Senator Tim Kaine delivering his hate-America revisionist history speech on slavery.

Two things have become clearly evident…


> Black Lives Matter… But only AFTER they’re born. While an African-American baby is still in their mother’s womb their nothing more than Planned Parenthood / Pro-Abortionist cannon fodder.

The historical ignorance of liberal progressive Democrats has become impossible to ignore

Just weeks ago, on May 25th, Americans from both sides of the aisle took to the streets demanding justice for the horrific murder of George Floyd.

The more radicalized Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorist, supported by members of Congress like Rashida Tlaib focused on pushing their Hate-America agenda, and to Defund the Police .

To further their insanity these militant mob members focused on looting, arson, and violence, along with toppling any statues that dared to trigger their precious feelings.But after what happened over the past day or so, it’s now apparent that liberal progressive Democrats are out to completely rewrite American history. Liberal Progressive Democrats War On Historical Statues In Order To Rewrite American History At first, the BLM mob angered by the murder of George Floyd targeted any statue of a person associated with the Confederacy and Slavery.Even if they were a bit player during the civil war, such as Charles Linn. The mob cared little that his historical significance had little to do with slavery or the Confederacy, but with starting a bank.Of course, the never satisfied liberal mob then started targeting everyone from that era, even famous abolitionists , like Matthias Baldwin, whose statute was destroyed despite Baldwin being an outspoken critic of slavery during the early 1800s.The left couldn’t be bothered by the fact that […]

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