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The TDS media keeps fighting back under the guise of protecting us from President Trump’s optimism which may, God forbid, give hope to suffering American people in our fight against COVID-19.

Of course, while screeching “TRUMP IS NOT A DOCTOR!” the media immediately pounced, even though THEY’RE NOT DOCTORS.

Andrew Feinberg, who used to work for Sputnik News (LOL) but now covers the White House for something called Breakfast Media LLC., and is a regular contributor to the liberal leftist Independent, blasted the president for posting “ignorant snake oil drivel.”

But remember as CNN’s babbling bulbous buffoon Brian Stelter loves to remind us: Reporters don’t root for either side.

But then a REAL Doctor lambasted the Media TDS idiocy.

TDS Media Firefighters Pounce

But no worries Chris Jansing Senior National Correspondent and NBC firefighter was Johnny-on-the-spot to extinguish even the slightest spark of hope the American people had.

Shockingly, NOT Shockingly, Jansing’s Doctor friend was so livid that he wouldn’t use his name to officially go on record.

But Nan Hayworth, an actual Doctor, and not one created by Jansing’s TDS imagination, did go on record.

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