Rep. Ilhan Omar: “It’s time to disband” Minneapolis Police and “reimagine public safety”…Is Omar Trying To Make U.S. More Like Somalia?
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She hates Donald Trump.

She doesn’t care for Jews.

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Now, the freshman immigrant from lawless Somali turned United States Congresswoman; Democrat Ilhan Omar has turned her ire on the Minneapolis Police Department, claiming in a tweet that it’s time to disband them.

After 11 days of violent unrest in the district she represents, Omar tweeted a link to a Time Magazine. The article was filled with misleading statements, including the claim that “Minneapolis Police had an opportunity to distance themselves from Derek Chauvin, to express sympathy, to be a calming presence. Instead, they deployed tear gas and rubber bullets, effectively escalating the situation from protest to pitched conflict.” The TIME article doesn’t mention that the Minneapolis Police Department was never given a chance to distance themselves from Officer Chauvin, as the media and cop-hating politicians immediately clumped them all together. TIME didn’t mention that law enforcement officers in the Twin Cities of MN were almost immediately forced to respond to rioters and arsonists, who were hell-bent on destroying Minneapolis and St. Paul. They don’t mention that tear gas and rubber bullets were used to stop all-out anarchy against innocent citizens they took an oath to protect. TIME doesn’t mention the danger hundreds of good cops in the Twin Cities have faced every day since the horrible death of George Floyd at the hands of fired Officer Derek Chauvin—it simply doesn’t fit their narrative.

Omar added: The Minneapolis Police Department has proven themselves beyond reform. It’s time to disband them and reimagine public safety in Minneapolis.

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