Rashida Tlaib
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The end may be near for the much-ballyhooed bigmouth, hate-America, antisemitic progressive congresswoman from Michigan, Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Unfortunately, the person who could defeat her is also a Democrat, but in a heavily Democratic district, it could be the best we can get.

Brenda Jones, 60, the Detroit City Council president whom Tlaib defeated by fewer than 1,000 votes in 2018, has declared her candidacy, the Detroit Metro Times reported.

As a more centrist — and dare we say sane — Democrat, Jones would be a definite improvement from the far-left Tlaib.

And in a video announcing her candidacy, because that is how it is done in the age of the coronavirus quarantine, she unveiled her “three-pronged” strategy for defeating Tlaib.

“One, bring new resources to the district,” she said in the video, according to the Detroit Metro Times. “Two, uniting the district.”

“Three, focusing on issues that are important to the families and the people of the 13th Congressional District. The issues that impact us right here at home.”

The third point could be the most important. Tlaib, like her fellow “squad” member New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been focused on making herself a national figure.

In 2018 Rashida Tlaib Won By Attrition

A look at the 2018 Democratic primary shows that there were far more votes against Tlaib than there were for her.

But with a field of six competitors, Tlaib won with 27,841 votes while Jones came in second with 26,941 votes.

The remaining votes were split with Bill Wild getting 12,613, Coleman Young II grabbing 11,172 and 10,714 votes between Ian Conyers and Shanelle Jackson.

Michigan 13th district Rashida Tlaib

For the record that is 27,841 votes for Tlaib and 61,440 against, which is strange because she often acts like she won the presidency of the world with overwhelming support.

The Tlaib campaign is presenting a strong front as if unbothered by Jones’ candidacy.

“Rep. Tlaib looks forward to running a strong campaign and winning re-election regardless of who is on the ballot, but at this time she is 100% focused on responding to the coronavirus and getting our communities and residents the resources they need to protect human health and our local economy,” campaign spokesman Denzel McCampbell told the Detroit Metro Times.

“Rep. Tlaib is hard at work pushing groundbreaking policies to make direct payments to all Americans to weather this storm, leading legislation to save state and local governments from financial collapse, and preventing utility shutoffs, evictions, and foreclosures.”

Look, we would love to have a conservative Republican win that spot in Congress, but as The Rolling Stones famously said, “You can’t always get what you want.”

Replacing Tlaib in Congress, even with another Democrat, would be victory for the Republican Party and for the United States.

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