Wolf Blitzer and Bill De blasio
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has so botched the Coronavirus crisis that his own staff has been saying “Thank God For Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”

Nevertheless, CNN, and MSNBC still saw fit to have NYC’s moronic mayor on knowing he’ll lie about President Trump’s Coronavirus job performance.

Of course, right on cue de Blasio started spewing his ‘Orange Man Bad’ stupidity while at the same time misinforming the public about New York City’s Coronavirus situation.

On Sunday Mayor doofus told Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

“If we don’t get more ventilators in the next 10 days, people will die who don’t have to die. It’s as simple as that,” 

Bluntly, Wolf, I think we’re about 10 days away now from seeing widespread shortages of really fundamental supplies — ventilators, surgical masks — the things that absolutely are necessary to keep a hospital running.

They will not be able to function if they don’t get an infusion of money right away,” he said, saying the city lost “billions of dollars in the past week.

But despite the facts, that de Blasio FUBAR’d the Coronavirus crisis, he went on CNN, and MSNBC to do what he does best, blame others for his failure, telling anyone who’ll listen:

“It sure as hell feels like we’re on our own at the moment.

We are not seeing action from the federal government.

We’re not getting shipments. We’re not getting the stuff we need.”

De Blasio said the crisis — that has seen more than 8,000 cases in New York City with at least 60 deaths — will soon get worse.

But according to one of New York City’s top surgeons, the hospital he works at could reach peak volume for COVID-19 cases in 22 to 32 days.

And while what Dr. Craig Smith, who is the chief of surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, wrote in his letter to colleagues is alarming.

It’s far from the fear-mongering that pearl-clutching Bill de Blasio has been spewing on television.

But far worse in our opinion, was the fact that Dr. Smith in his letter credited another Dr. for procuring 150,000 additional masks, at the same time de Blasio is being criticized for failing to put in orders for COVID-19 supplies until March 6.

Officials with the New York City’s Office of Emergency Management tried to purchase nearly 200,000 n95 masks on Feb. 7, but weeks later they learned the vendors had already run out.

But today, NYC’s buffoon of a mayor was on CNN and MSNBC whining about the terrible job President Trump and the Federal Government have been doing?

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Remains Clueless

Some may think the difference between 10-days and 22 to 32-days seems small, but two to three weeks in manufacturing can seem like a lifetime during such a crisis.

Despite de Blasio’s idiocy, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has not only received credit for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. But NY’s Democratic Governor has credited the Trump administration for working closely with his State in their efforts to mitigate the Coronavirus impact.

Maybe if NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio spent less time at the YMCA gym, and on TV and more time inside City hall, he would better perform at the job he was elected to do.

How Pathetic Has NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Leadership Been?

School principles made the decision to inform students to stay home, because de Blasio couldn’t decide whether to close schools or not, despite city leaders begging him to do so.

De Blasio is so egregious he put the health of NYC residents in jeopardy because he refused to close down gyms because he wanted to go to his YMCA gym every morning.

It took New York governor Andrew Cuomo to step in and order them closed. 

Even after the Gov. did, de Blasio nevertheless exposed his staff to coronavirus as he tried to get in one last workout minutes before the ban took effect.

Last week Cuomo slammed de Blasio’s suggestion that the city may implement a “shelter in place” order.

“Shelter in place” meant NYC residents were to remain at home except for essential visits to grocery stores and other necessary trips, in the wake of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo ripped NYC’s doofus Mayor saying “Look at your words, ‘shelter in place,’ you know where that came from? That came from nuclear war,” Cuomo told reporters at a press conference.

“What he [De Blasio] said is people should go into an interior room of their home with no windows, stay there until they get the all clear sign. Now, that’s not what people really mean, but that’s what it sounds like.”

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