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For three years America has heard the foreboding liberal loony toon leftist wail… ‘Donald Trump’s ultimate goal is to rule over the United States as America’s ‘Dictator in Chief.’

How could anyone forget the July 4th Salute to America where President Trump had like ONE TANK in the whole parade.

But the moment that one tank rolled into Washington D.C. on a flatbed truck, the leftist ran to Twitter and screamed: “This Is How Dictatorship’s Begin”.

How about all the times the left ‘Take To The Streets,” Dictator Trump knows he colluded with Russia, he will end the Mueller investigation to avoid being indicted and will use the military to seize absolute power.


But now that the Coronavirus presents him with the perfect opportunity to seize control of America the left is outraged because Dictator Trump won’t dictate.

Resistance member fighting the Dictatorship of Trump for three plus years, have gone from warning that Donald Trump is a budding despot to now complaining he hasn’t done enough to impose his will during the coronavirus crisis.

All their fantasies of a Dictator Trump calling for the total lockdown of the United States while he lights his victory cigar with the flames from the burning Constitution of the United States isn’t coming to pass as they’ve been screeching about for the last three years.

As the New York Times recently reported, “President Trump has essentially become a bystander as school superintendents, sports commissioners, college presidents, governors and business owners across the country take it upon themselves to shut down much of American life.”

Last time I checked tyrants don’t bystand.

Hitler didn’t leave it up to the experts to decide how the Government should help the American people navigate the deadly Coronavirus waters.

Stalin didn’t give other political players and civic institutions wide latitude to making their own decisions on what would be in their State’s best interest.

Dammit, Dictators Dictate and that Nazi loving, 2nd coming of Adolf F’n Hitler keeps acting all Presidential like to the chagrin of many inside the resistance.

I can’t wait to see how the left spins Donald Trump not taking the perfect opportunity to seize control and become America’s First Dictator.

My guess, the left will start spewing some idiocy like:

‘Coronavirus exposed the utter incompetence of Donald Trump since he was handed on a silver platter the opportunity to seize ultimate power and he couldn’t even do that correctly’.

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