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When it comes to President Donald Trump testing negative for Coronavirus, with today’s Trump Deranged Mainstream Media Its “Damned If You Do, And Damned If You Don’t”.

Last week we reported the news that President Trump, as well as VP Pence, may have been infected with coronavirus after coming into contact with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after some of his staff tested positive for COVID-19.

We also reported leftists that once this news came out, liberal leftist were openly praying on Twitter that Donald Trump was infected with coronavirus, with several hoping that he and VP Pence would die from it, making Nancy Pelosi the 46th President of the United States.

Testing Negative For Coronavirus While Showing No Symptoms Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have It.

The fact is unless your showing symptoms any Coronavirus test you take will result in a negative result, since the coronavirus has not taken hold yet.

But despite knowing this, it didn’t stop the screeching media from demanding that President Trump take a coronavirus test.

On Friday we reported that due to all the media whining about the President must take a coronavirus test.

The President personal doctor had to issue a statement declaring that despite being in close proximity to several people who tested positive for the illness, Trump showed no signs of having been infected by COVID-19 so he didn’t need to be tested.

As we just stated, without showing any symptoms, even if you were infected with Coronavirus until those symptoms appear it’s too early for the test to return a positive result.

This is the very reason why Hospitals won’t waste their time, or waste a test on someone who wants to be tested but shows no signs of being sick.

But despite Donald Trump’s physician statement, and the limitations of the test, the screeching media kept right on demanding that the President be tested for coronavirus.

Finally, President Trump decided to end all the TDS infected media screeching and took the damn test.

On Saturday the White House physician announced that President Donald Trump had taken the test and the results came back negative for the coronavirus.

In any other reality that should have finally ended the media’s ‘Trump Coronavirus Test’ idiocy…But not in this reality.

Despite the media bitching and moaning that President Trump MUST be tested for Coronavirus.

Now the same media were bitching and moaning that President Trump took the test.

Kaitlan Collins CNN White House Correspondent

Andrea Mitchell NBC, MSNBC Correspondent/anchor

Of course, On March 13th she tweeted

Then there’s this twittering moron who must strut around his house wearing his tin-plated hat 24/7.

On the same day, Trump was tested and the results came back negative. 

This asshat wrote on his Trump-Hate conspiracy blog:

Setting aside the medical malpractice of this doctor, it’s painfully clear that Trump needs to be tested. The United States can’t have a President who doesn’t know if he’s infected with a deadly virus.

And after he was tested…

Then you had fake news reporters just making up whatever lie he required.

Trump’s personal physician statement said: “he [Trump] didn’t need to be tested.

But this asshat wrote that Trump’s personal physician said “Trump wouldn’t be tested”

Of course, God forbid President Trump does start showing symptoms and then another test comes back positive for Coronavirus.

Despite CNN Chyron reporting correctly that testing negative today doesn’t mean you’ll test negative tomorrow, for the reason we stated a few times.

CNN will quickly forget all about their chyron and claim “President Trump LIED about having a negative result”

What’s most amazing about this story is the fact that some people still wonder why President Trump won’t play nice with the Fake News media?

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