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You might think that the liberal twittering twits could let FLOTUS Melania Trump send a simple tweet about a tennis pavilion, NOPE.

I am excited to share the progress of the Tennis Pavillion at @WhiteHouse. Thank you to the talented team for their hard work and dedication. pic.twitter.com/Wzown2ho26

There is so much hatred for President Trump and that every tweet from FLOTUS is just another occasion to accuse her of being heartless or uncaring something or other.

Like this:

I don’t understand why people are attacking Melania. I think it’s really nice of her to be building Joe Biden some new tennis courts.


FLOTUS Melania Trump Hits Back At The Trump-Hate Twitter Trolls

Melania Trump responded with: I encourage everyone who chooses to be negative & question my work at the @WhiteHouse to take time and contribute something good & productive in their own communities. #BeBest


I mean she’s got a point.

It’s easy to shoot off some angry tweet and think you’re doing something important, when you’re not. It’s just entertainment. Trust me, I’m a pro.

But I understand the limitation of the platform. I don’t kid myself into thinking I’m making a difference with my snarky tweets, and that’s kinda the point Melania is trying to make.

Get out there and make your neighborhood better, make your streets better, actually do something. Now excuse me I have to go tweet some more…

Via therightscoop.com

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