Dr Anthony Fauci Rips Coronavirus Crazed CNN
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At this point when it comes to spewing Coronavirus lies, CNN is really trying to earn its Clown News Network moniker.

If you’ve been following our reporting CNN has been spreading Coronavirus misinformation more than any other news organization.

As we reported earlier, despite the fact that it has been debunked by everyone from the AP, to WaPo to even Politifact.

CNN still keeps pushing the lie that President Trump called the Coronavirus a hoax.

We have stated this many times, and I’m sure we will again.

Unless you show symptoms there is no reason to take a coronavirus test since it will only return a negative result.

YOU MUST SHOW SYMPTOMS before any test could confirm you have been infected with the coronavirus. 

This is the reason why Coronavirus is spreading so easily.

You may be infected with Coronavirus, but there is no way to test it until after you start showing symptoms. So while you may feel healthy, you could already be infected.

If you scared you’re sick, let alone have coronavirus, then hold your breath for 10 seconds if you can do that without coughing…YOU’RE FINE!!!


But what really shows CNN is losing what little minds they have, is when they start screaming ‘OMG, did you see that!‘ whenever President Trump or someone in the Trump administration touches anything.

Of course, it goes without saying they don’t have the same outrage when Democrats are shown doing the same exact thing.

Dr. Fauci who has advised six Presidents on nearly every domestic and global health issues facing the United States, from HIV/AIDS, to H1N1, to the latest health crisis Coronavirus.

After showing a video of him touching a microphone that President Trump was also touching, CNN questioned how could Dr. Fauci do such a thing?

And Dr. Fauci called CNN out on their idiocy.

Does CNN actually believe the mere fact that touching something means you’re infected with Coronavirus?

Beyond the fact that the other person had to be infected. 

As long as you don’t touch your face, mouth, rub your nose and wash your hands even after shaking hands with someone infected or touch a surface that person touched, you’ll be 100{e659c6f1f49a8a87d7d45299a4d3e6e4578dd6bf119c0aec0adb95b06c2bda43} fine.

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