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The Coronavirus doesn’t know who it’s messing with.

If we see ONE MORE TALKING HEAD compare the United States to Italy to inspire panic and fear this editor may well chuck her computer out of her office. Stop it. We’re not Italy and terrifying people into thinking we are doesn’t solve a damn thing. Life goes on in this country, Americans go on, it’s what we do.

And this thread from ‘Jester’ who says he’s a garbageman is a reminder of that American spirit:

Imagine if the media said something like this instead of telling us every moment of every day how unprepared we are, how sexist Trump is for not having more women on his coronavirus team, or claiming he’s doing Putin’s work with the European travel ban?

This country would indeed be in a far better place right now.

Good man.

We need more of him and less of the Andy Slavitts and Brian Stelters.

True story.

Via twitchy.com


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