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As the tension mounted over the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, some Americans broke out in brawls and fights at local big box grocery stores, and others broke out their cellphones to videotape those brawls.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Pandemonium Captured On Video

In one video reportedly from Brooklyn, New York, two shoppers can be seen yelling at each other, with Costco employees trying to intervene.

One employee yells at the customers, “as human beings, we’ve got to come together at a time like this!” One of the participants in the altercation can be head saying, “don’t let her touch me with that cart!”

In another video reportedly from Hiram, Georgia, there is an all-out brawl at a Sam’s Club.

One man is seen at the end of the video being taken out on a gurney by paramedics. The poster claims one man was stabbed during the fight when both men grabbed wine bottles to attack each other.

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, police say the altercation began when one man in a motorized shopping cart hit another family’s cart and a fight ensued. It escalated into a brawl later near the wine bottles. Police said that it was not a fight over supplies related to the coronavirus panic.

Other videos showed long lines as people stocked up on supplies in anticipation of quarantines:

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the pandemic on Friday, which cleared the way for more federal action to stop the spread of the virus.

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Because when there’s a pandemic nothing protects your ass more than a year’s worth of Toilet paper.

When your older than dirt like myself, you see the same stupidity playing out every decade or so.

18,000 Americans have died this from the common everyday flu, but the media over-hyping Coronavirus that has a low mortality rate, is most dangerous to people over 60-years-old that also have an underlying medical condition, and has unfortunately killed approximately 50 Americans, and 5,700 people worldwide…

THIS makes people stab another person over a roll of toilet paper?

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