Georgia Coronavirus Reopening video
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Georgia, as well as South Carolina, are giving other states a Coronavirus Reopening preview. States will be able to see in real-time what they could expect if they lift their Stay-At-Home orders.

While it’s only a snapshot. Georgia and South Carolina health officials say their states aren’t heading toward their doom and Gloom death and destruction that the Democrats screamed, and their media cohorts regurgitated last month.

South Carolina started reopening retailers on April 20. That week, the state tallied more than 1,100 new infections. With each subsequent week, the number of new cases has dropped, down to 990 projected cases this week.

Georgia has been even more aggressive than South Carolina. Gov. Brian Kemp allowed gyms, hair and nail salons, and even bowling ally’s to open on April 24. Followed days later by theaters and restaurants. 

Yet, Georgia’s daily case numbers has dropped steadily from 673 on May 1 to just over 300 this week. 

Again the data is a small sample size. It will be at least a few more weeks before Republican Governors Georgia Brian Kemp, and South Carolina’s Henry McMaster can declare “mission accomplished.”

Fake News Media Regurgitate The Democrats Coronavirus Reopening Doom and Gloom

Over a month ago South Carolina, and Georgia announced that they will start allowing businesses to reopen. ‘If They Choose To Do So.’

Of course, Democrats with their fake news media puppets in tow, immediately lost their poop. Warning Americans that these two Republicans better go to Costco and buy body bags in bulk.

The Democrats and their media’s so-called ‘experts’ were beside themselves that these white supremacist Republican Governors didn’t care that tens of thousands, many of which would be people of color, would DIE!.

Worse, These Trump-loving Governors refused to kowtow to their scientific-based stay-at-home nanny-state orders.

The triggered left-wing lunatics were even more outraged that Kemp and McMaster would have the audacity to give Americans the freedom to choose what risks they feel are acceptable. 

Democrats and Fake News pundits alike screamed: ‘Kemp and McMaster will have blood on their hands when people start dropping dead in the streets!’

Of course, the numbers not only didn’t spike as they swore would happen, But they’ve actually fallen.

Again, it’s only a snapshot. But if this trend continues over the next few weeks. I Don’t expect to see Democrats like Stacey Abrams or the fake news media morons like CNN’s Lemon-Drop, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta to report on Georgia and South Carolina being right.

I’m sure they’ll be far too busy helping the Democrats move the Coronavirus lockdown goalposts. While lecturing Americans on how they must stay safely locked away until the COVID-19 cure is found.

Because the left will claim that even one life lost is just too damn high a price for lawmakers to obey the United States Constitution and its outdated opinions.

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